Worry-Free Construction Planning | Full-Time CAD Operations

Professional design services are available from start to finish. We offer everything from bids and equipment quotes to scheduling and specs for all professionals involved in the job planning process. Below are the steps involved in creating your kitchen with Berlin’s.

1. Consultation

Sit down with one of our experts and discuss the vision for your kitchen.

2. Customization/ Design Layout

The fun begins! Work with experts to design your kitchen & front of house.

3. Order Finalization

We’ll walk through your order and make sure your kitchen is fully stocked.

4. Delivery & Installation

Sit back and watch as our team brings your kitchen to life.

5. Product Tutorial

Learn how to properly use and maintain your new products from our experienced staff.

6. Followup

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after delivery. We’re always here to assist you.